Case study —

Learning Curve

We worked closely with our client Gill, to bring her vision of this new business to life. 

Her brief to us was to design and bring to market a brand that is professional, approachable and resonates with the people she’s seeking to help.

We dug deep and started with a design sprint

Our sprint process allowed us to focus on the most critical business issues and come up with ways to solve them. 

As with most new brands, acquisition and getting the word out were our focus. 

We prototyped solutions and tested them

Prototyping is a key aspect of design thinking. Once we had our user test flow and storyboard, we created an interactive prototype that mapped the user flow from discovery to conversion.

We then showed this to potential users to get feedback and gather insights into their habits and behaviours.

We designed the brand and website

Armed with our sprint prototype and insights, we finalised the brand and website, iterating on the prototype as we went. 

Working this way meant that there were no anxiety inducing surprises for Gill. She knew exactly what she was getting and she was part of the process.

We finalised the website and its content

Thanks to the prototyping process we had a good idea of what is going where, so we knew exactly what additional content needed producing.

We helped Gill with prompting questions, headline copy and editing.

Call to action and credibility where it matters.

We delivered the brand and branding in a useful and usable way

Part of the website is a page dedicated to the brand itself.

It is a collection of assets and best practices that is designed to help Gill keep the brand consistent across all channels as her business develops.

“Going through the sprint process with these guys helped me see my business in new ways, find focus and spot opportunities.”
— Gill, The Learning Curve

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