What is a design sprint?

The design sprint is a robust framework of design thinking methods.

It’s used by businesses and organisations around the world to answer critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers.

Working this way helps align our vision with yours, while building your confidence and sense of ownership in the final product.

Design sprint for branding —

Kick-start a new brand development process or identify and deal with any issues with your current brand.

The brand sprint helps you create a new brand or change an existing one with confidence.

“Going through the sprint process with these guys helped me see my business in new ways, find focus and spot opportunities.”
— Gill, The Learning Curve

Design sprint for business —

The product sprint can be used to validate product and service ideas, or to prototype and test new features.

The product sprint helps you launch new products or services, or develop existing ones quicker.

Design sprints help you…

Rapidly identify opportunities

The sprint process brings your experts and our team together, providing a unique setting and structure to allow new opportunities to emerge.

Solve problems early

The process itself is designed to help the participants decide and commit to a solution together which then gets prototyped and tested.

Test ideas before you commit

Your prototypes are tested with members of your audience, giving you valuable feedback on how to proceed with the development.

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